Bolster for Startups is flipping the script on startup success.

Our mentor-driven programs are designed with scaling founders and CEOs in mind.

Bolster for Startups Programs

We know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a variety of programs to meet CEOs where you are today.


Get access to thought leaders, experts, and seasoned professionals who have unique experiences and valuable insights to share.


Dive deep on business-critical topics, like Storytelling, GTM Strategies, and M&A

Founder StoriesMonthly

Hear directly from multi-time founders in virtual fireside chats

Book ClubMonthly

Unpack ideas with authors, experts, and fellow executives


Our cohort-based workshops focus on areas that are critical for success, but challenging to tackle without guidance.

Bolster Prime OnRamp12 Weeks

Create a blueprint for your future path to scale.

Ready to Raise12 Weeks

Navigate a tight fundraising process to close your next round.

Plan to Raise6 Weeks

Get a head start on a future fundraising round.

Strategic Hiring4 Weeks

Build a solid hiring strategy and grow with confidence.

CEO & CXO ForumsMonthly

Join a cohort led by experienced CEOs or CXOs


Combine experienced mentors, foundational content, and access to the Bolster Marketplace to drive value further, faster.

Bolster Prime12 Months

Match with a “been there, done that” mentor to help you grow as a CEO through strategic programming.

Bolster VenturesLong Term

Co-investment opportunity for select Bolster Prime Clients

Meet our Bolster Prime Mentors

Our Bolster Prime Mentors are current or former CEOs and operators who have the breadth and depth of experiences to help you move from build to scale without losing momentum. Our Bolster Prime Mentors have seen success and failure and have deep industry expertise and the desire to share the craft of being a CEO. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, we’re always accepting applications.

Cindy Guerra Robbins

Chad Dickerson, Yahoo, Etsy

Andrea Rice

Management Leadership for Tomorrow, CareerCore, Deutsche Bank

David Blakelock

Streamline, Asia Foods, Boston Apparel Group, Altura Group

Build to Scale with Bolster Prime

  • 12-month programmatic mentorship

  • Match with a “been there, done that” mentor through a mutual selection process

  • Gain support from an enviable roster of CEOs and operators

  • Access foundational content that will help you grow your business

  • Create a blueprint that will lead you on your path to scale

Does this sound like you?

  • Pre-Seed to Series A
  • Secured funding with the runway to scale
  • Progressing from Build and MVP to Scale
  • Interested in leveraging traction
  • Coachable and ready to learn
  • First time CEO, first time scaling CEO, or a CEO who wants the advantage of speed
Apply for Bolster Prime or connect with us through F6s

Ready to take the next steps?

No matter where you are in your scaling journey, Bolster for Startups is here to help.

Engage with Experts

Connect with experienced operators and seasoned experts through Masterclasses and Founder Stories

Connect with Peers

Learn alongside and collaborate with fellow executives in our CEO & CXO Forums and Book Clubs

Raise Your Next Round

Benefit from actionable guidance and accountability touchpoints in our Ready to Raise program to tackle your next fundraising round with confidence

Build Your Senior Team

Build your team and hire with confidence with Strategic Hiring

Create Your Blueprint

Grow alongside a cohort of founders and CEOs as your build your blueprint to scale with Bolster Prime OnRamp

Scale Your Business

Get the tools you need for startup success with support from an enviable roster of experienced CEOs and operators through Bolster Prime

Let’s take the next step in your scaling journey together.

Let us know which programs you’d like to learn more about, and we’ll contact you with additional information and next steps.