Bolster Prime

Bolster Prime is an investment in you as a startup CEO

Are you a startup CEO that is just closing a round to scale your business? If so, Bolster Prime is for you! Accelerators, Seed investors and early stage VCs are expert at that critical stage of going from MVP to Build. Bolster Prime is a structured mentoring approach that brings a startup to scale without dipping into a chasm driving value further, faster.

Bolster Prime

Bolster Prime isn’t just coaching - it’s an investment in you as a startup CEO - the engagement has a start date but no actual end date. It’s a mix of coaching, mentoring, sounding board, specialized help across your leadership team, and potentially equity investment into your business. While the subscription price covers an 18-month time period up front, Bolster’s investment in your company is for the lifetime of the company.

Bolster Prime:

  • Is a bespoke and programmatic subscription that matches an experienced CEO with a startup CEO to mentor, advise and share experiences to level them up to be a scaled CEO leading with a high impact executive team
  • Matches a startup CEO with an experienced CEO, the Bolster Prime Mentor, as a dedicated resource
  • Provides assisted access to the Bolster executive talent marketplace to deliver high-impact consulting modules plus coaching to help drive through the critical Series A-B life stage. Modules could include:
    • Build and Lead Your Leadership Team
    • Team Strategy and Planning through a team offsite where you turn your vision into an operating plan with a budget and KPIs
    • Design your Company and Personal Operating Systems
    • Build and Lead a World Class Board
    • Bespoke modules that pull from Bolster’s network of experienced CXOs in product, go-to-market, finance, HR, etc. based on your current needs
  • Starts where you are at and grows to meet your needs and stays with you indefinitely as you scale
  • Lets you focus on increasing shareholder value and moving through expected inflection points so that you minimize institutional debt load

I’m interested - now what!

  • Apply to program - applications are rolling and start within 6 weeks of applying
  • Sign contracts - basic terms like who is doing what, fee structure for the first 18 months and an equity exchange for the lifetime investment
  • Get matched with a Bolster Prime Mentor - an experienced CEO
  • Start working on what’s top of mind and working with your Bolster Prime Mentor on scaling you and your business

Apply to Bolster Prime

Applications are rolling and start within 6 weeks of applying.

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