Bolster Prime is for the startup CEO who is ready to scale

Learn the art of being a CEO from mentors who have “been there, done that” so you can focus on what matters most for your startup.

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Bolster Prime

Experienced CEO Mentors + Foundational Content + Bolster Marketplace

Our unique model delivers an 18-month program designed to teach CEOs how to scale.

Meet our Bolster Prime Mentors

Our Bolster Prime Mentors are current or former CEOs and operators who have the breadth and depth of experiences to help you move from build to scale without losing momentum. Our Bolster Prime Mentors have seen success and failure and have deep industry expertise and the desire to share the craft of being a CEO.

Cindy Guerra Robbins

Chad Dickerson, Yahoo, Etsy

Andrea Rice

Management Leadership for Tomorrow, CareerCore, Deutsche Bank

David Blakelock

Streamline, Asia Foods, Boston Apparel Group, Altura Group

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If you’re ready to share your “been there, done that” experiences with new CEOs, we invite you to apply as a Bolster Prime Mentor! This opportunity is ideal if you are an experienced startup CEO or operator, have worked at large and small companies, are open to sharing your successes AND failures, have experience coaching or mentoring, and are looking for a way to grow your mentor and investment opportunities.


The Building Blocks of Scaling a Startup

By bringing foundational content together with 1:1 mentoring, Bolster Prime gives every startup CEO the building blocks to work with your Bolster Prime Mentor and create the blueprint for your startup to scale.

Strategic Planning

Cadence of strategic offsite meetings to create a big picture strategy backed with KPIs, OKRs and financial reporting and budgeting

Build and Lead Your Senior Team

Planning to move from me to we by creating strong executive team habits and a strategic organization plan

Design Your Operating System

Creating the processes that allow for the company to scale based on a plan with communications and tools to deliver

Build and Manage Your Board

Every startup needs a board - this is hands on coaching on how best to structure, communicate and lead your board

GTM Strategy

Work with a CRO to develop strategies, channel strategy, incentive plans, sales forecasting, and pricing for your specific GTM needs


Work with an experienced CXO to help create the right fundraising strategy and process to take you from fundraising to term sheet in a 3-month time period

CXO Coaching for your Executive Team

Sometimes your CXOs need extra coaching and, you, as the CEO need extra support on how to work with your CXO


Business Development, Exit Strategy Planning, Product Planning and Execution, DEI, How to Hire, Financial Health and Wellness … whatever is needed

Bolster Prime Overview

  • 18-month, programmatic mentoring program

  • Matches a startup CEO with a “been there, done that” CEO/operator - Bolster Prime Mentor

  • Starts with baseline of today and blueprints a path to scaling

  • Teaches the craft of being a CEO - strategic, curious, focused and mindful

  • Access to an unprecedented team of Bolster Prime Mentors

  • Discounted access to talent in the Bolster Marketplace

  • Engagement within a cohort

Startup CEO Requirements

  • Seed to Series A
  • Funding, and a plan with the runway to scale
  • Moving from Build and MVP to Scale
  • Wants to leverage traction
  • Coachable and humble
  • First time CEO, first time scaling CEO, or a CEO who wants the advantage of speed
  • Cost is a mix of monthly fee and equity
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I want to know more about the mentor role

Bolster Ventures

Bolster Ventures is an early stage venture fund that co-invests in select Bolster Prime Clients

Bolster Ventures adds capital to the equation for scaling CEOs who are investing in themselves and their teams as they scale their startups through Bolster Prime.

  • Seed to post Series A investment

  • $100k one-time investment as a co-investor at the same terms as the current or most recent round

  • $15k in Bolster Marketplace credits

Investment Requirements

  • Must be a Bolster Prime Client or contracted to become one
  • Great team
  • Industry with well established TAM
  • Startup has at least $500k in committed investment and 15 months of runway
  • Selection by Investment Committee
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"With Bolster Prime as a dedicated partner, I scaled Pipeline into the business it is today and what it will be in the future. Our goal is to accelerate workplace equity using advanced technology and close the intersectional gender equity gap in this lifetime. Not only is equity the right thing to do, it's also the smart thing to do. Bolster has given me, and Pipeline, the tools needed to make our mission a reality."

Katica Roy

CEO, Pipeline Equity