Why the Startup Sales Function Starts With “Whiteboards”

In most startups, one of the founders is the first salesperson — often out of necessity as much as passion. But as startups scale they add sales reps or maybe some form of a Sales Manager once there are more than a couple of reps.

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On-demand Executive Talent Market Trends

Bolster has successfully matched over 100 executives to open roles

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The Three Roles of a CXO

In the world of startups the term “CXO” refers to all the people who are head of their functional area and members of the executive team, whether that’s finance, sales, marketing, HR, or any other function.

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How to Scale Yourself as a CXO

You’re not the first person to be promoted to an executive role for the first time (and of course you’re not the last, either). Every single executive, at any company, had their first executive role at some point.

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4 Can't-Miss Panels to Support Summer Business Planning

Register today for 4 panels designed to give you unprecedented access to experienced CEOs, leading investors and critical data you need to inform your next big business and board decisions. Links below to register!

Our Ebook: How to Succeed in Your First Board Role

Over the past several months, we’ve published a series of posts designed to help CEOs better understand how to build, diversify, and scale their boards of directors.

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How to know if you're doing a good job as a Board Member

On many boards there isn’t a formal review process for board members.

How to Evaluate Your Board

A lot of CEOs think it’s pointless to give board members any feedback, but failure to do so is just as big a miss as failure to give your staff feedback or failing to ask your staff for feedback.

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Interviewing for an On-Demand Role

How interviewing is like auditioning for a play

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Giving Difficult Feedback and Making Your Voice Heard

Two common communication challenges that board members face, particularly first-time board members, are making sure their voice is heard and giving difficult feedback

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The Anatomy of a Great Profile

How can Bolster members make sure their profile is the best it can be?

When Things Aren’t Black and White: How to Deal With Murky Areas

if you’re on any given board for any length of time, you’ll feel compelled to give difficult feedback either to the CEO, senior management, or the other directors.

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Ascend Panel Recap: How To Be An On-Demand Executive -- Stories From Real Bolster Members

Bolster’s partner, Ascend, hosted a panel discussion about the path to on-demand executive work.

Luminary: Finding your Seat in the Board Room

Listen to Bolster CEO Matt Blumberg and Bolster board member Cristina Miller talking with Luminary CEO Cate Luzio.

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The Important Role Independent Directors Play on Impacting Private Company Board Diversity

Here is a presentation from a webinar I did today on Key Strategies for Increasing Board Diversity.

Recap: ICYMI - Watch the Panel: Flipping the Script on Private Board Diversity

Last week, we released results from our Board Benchmarking Study, which uncovered that only 1 in 3 companies has an independent director on their board.

How to be a Great Board Member

A board role differs from other roles in business and no matter how accomplished you are in your professional career, being a “great” board member is not just a continuation of what worked for you before.

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How to Manage On-Demand Talent in Your Business, Part 2

At Bolster, we’re flipping the script with how CEOs build and augment their executive teams with on-demand CXOs.

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How to Think About Corporate Governance as a Board Member

I’ve always believed that there is a sliding scale of Board member duties that changes dramatically as companies grow in size.

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How to get the most out of working with a CEO Mentor or CEO Coach

Once you’ve selected a Mentor or Coach, here are some tips to get the most out of your engagement.

How to Prepare for Your First Board Role

Here is a presentation from a webinar I did today with our partners at Ellevate and Women in the Boardroom that ties a lot of the material together across all the posts.

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Preparing for your first board meeting

Depending on your situation, your first board meeting might actually be your second board meeting. I strongly encouraged CEOs to be just as thorough in interviewing and onboarding a new board member as they would an executive hire

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How to Manage On-Demand Talent in Your Business, Part 1

We believe that the business world is migrating toward an on-demand workforce across all levels of an organization.

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What You Need to Know About Board Compensation

Independent directors in privately held early-stage companies are compensated for their board contributions, just like they are in publicly traded companies, although the numbers and currencies are not the same.

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How to Select a CEO Mentor or CEO Coach

In a previous post, I shared the difference between CEO Mentors and CEO Coaches. I’ll share with you here how to select the Mentors and Coaches who are right for you.

How to Pitch Yourself in 15 Seconds - And Get the Job!

How would you describe your professional value proposition? What about doing it in 15 seconds? Learn best practices from our event with Laura Allen.

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The Difference Between a CEO Coach and a CEO Mentor and Why Every CEO Needs Both

Harry Potter was lucky. He had, in Albus Dumbledore, the ultimate wise elder, in his corner. Someone who could teach him how to be a better human being (er, wizard), how to be more proficient with his wand and spells, how to think strategically and defeat the bad guys.

Interviewing for a Board Role

Startup Boards for CXOs Series: Post 4 of 12. By the time you get to the interview stage for a board role, you’ve already been vetted to some degree. Like other high-profile jobs you should take the interview for a board role seriously, and you should be as prepared as possible.

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Should You Serve on an Advisory Board?

Startup Boards for CXOs Series: Post 3 of 12. I’m often asked by accomplished executives how to get on a board and I always tell them that one of the best ways to build your “board readiness” skills is to get in the game. An advisory board role is an excellent way to do that.

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Lessons Learned from Joining Bolster as Fractional Employees

As an on-demand marketplace, we spend a lot of time at Bolster thinking about how CEOs can leverage interim, fractional, and project-based work to augment their teams and achieve scale faster. It's also the model we follow internally.

How Bolster is Helping CEOs Diversify Their Teams

At Bolster, we believe that diverse and inclusive teams and boards are more innovative, drive better business outcomes, and are stronger than homogenous teams. We aren’t the only ones that think that way.

Use Cases to Bolster Your Team: How to Leverage On-Demand Talent in Your Business

At Bolster, we believe that 2021 will mark the rise of the on-demand economy for executives. More than ever before, executives are seeking out roles that distinctly aren’t full-time for a variety of reasons...

How to Prepare Yourself to Get on Your First Board

Startup Boards for CXOs Series: Post 2 of 12. Short of someone calling you up and asking if you’d like to be on their board, or asking you during a networking event, you might be wondering, “Well, how do I get on a board?”

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The Opportunity for On-Demand Talent

As we kick off a new year of planning, resource allocation, and headcount discussions, consider this new tactic to add to your 2021 CEO toolkit: On-demand executive talent.

What Startup Corporate Boards Look Like

Startup Boards for CXOs Series: Post 1 of 12. Unless you’ve been a startup executive with regular interactions with a board and regular attendance at board meetings, you’re unlikely to know what a startup board looks like, how it functions, and what you can do to make a big impact.

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Fractional CXOs (Executives): What They Are and What They Do

You may be wondering, what exactly is a fractional executive? A fractional executive is an up-and-coming type of executive gig role.

Our First Member Service - Health Insurance

You asked, we listened! Bolster creates partnership to offer health, dental, vision and life insurance.

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Bolster Delivers Fractional and Interim Execs

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was clear that there was a better way to connect high-end, experienced and vetted senior talent to startups. Kevin Lee with eMarketing Association sits down with Matt Blumberg to discuss the opportunity and learn more about Bolster.


Moving offsites to Zoomsites. I’ve attended two remote conferences recently. Both hold interesting lessons for how these kinds of events can work well.

What Kind of Gig Economy Executive Are You?

The major societal trend to “gig” has reached the C-Suite. Bolster was started to help organize a talent marketplace out of what is mostly an informal economy today.

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The Gig Economy Executive

The gig economy is a labor market where short-term, or freelance, roles are more prevalent than permanent positions.

Our Founding Manifesto

Our Founding Manifesto

Welcome to Bolster, the on-demand executive talent marketplace. We are creating a platform that is the new way to scale an executive team and board.