Thanks to our Bolster Ambassadors

Bolster is grateful for our ambassadors. These uber connectors refer their network to Bolster when they think we can provide support. Our ambassadors make these referrals because they believe in Bolster’s mission, and want to help their network be successful. Their referrals are prioritized as a ‘thank you’ to the Ambassador.

Meet our Bolster Ambassadors

Our Bolster Ambassadors are individuals who’ve connected us with executives, clients and partners. These connections help expand our reach and impact.

BJ Bushur

Fractional Head of Sales & Revenue

Lawrence Watkins

Fractional Head of Operations, Investor

Janis Machala

Executive Coach, Business Coach, Board Member

Erik Bullen

Fractional Head of Strategy & Operations, Board Member

Babs Ryan

Chief Innovation Officer, Interim Product Strategist, Board Member

Joe Hurd

Operating Partner, Chief Revenue Officer, Board Member

Andrea Kayal

Fractional Head of Marketing, Board Member

Vivek Bedi

Fractional Head of Product, Executive Coach, Board Member

Sarah Personette

Chief Customer Officer, Board Member

Dennis Dayman

Fractional Head of Privacy/Security, Board Member

Marisa Ricciardi

Fractional Head of GTM, Board Member

Rory Verrett

CEO, Board Member

Denise Liebetrau

Fractional Rewards & Compensation Advisor, Executive & Pay Negotiation Coach

Robert Hoffer

Fractional/Interim CEO, Executive Coach, Board Member

Debby Meredith

Technology Advisor, Investor, Board Member

Andrea Rice

Head of Corporate Development, Board Member

Cristina Miller

Customer Success & Operations Advisor, Board Member

Jeff Epstein

Investor, Board Member

Sherri Sklar

Fractional Head of Sales & Revenue or Customer Success

Courtney Graeber

Fractional Head of People

Leanne Smullen

Leadership & Exeutive Coach, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant