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The Bolster network has more than 7,500 coaches and mentors, including an enviable roster of exceptionally talented current and former CEOs and operators. They’ve seen success and failure first-hand, offer deep industry expertise, and–most of all–want to share their knowledge with other CEOs and CXOs.

Cindy Guerra Robbins


Chad Dickerson

Salon.com, Yahoo, Etsy

Andrea Rice

Management Leadership for Tomorrow, CareerCore, Deutsche Bank

David Blakelock

Streamline, Asia Foods, Boston Apparel Group, Altura Group

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Whether it’s a mentor, coach, or advisor, having someone in your corner can be invaluable to your long-term growth and professional development.

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    Our team will help you not only understand what type of support you're looking for; we’ll also help you find the right candidates based on your role, experience, and goals.
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    There are more than 7,500 coaches, mentors, and advisors in our network, with founders, CEOs, and CXOs that span across every function, industry, and company size.
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    You have the option to reach out to potential coaches or mentors on your own, or our team of Talent Consultants can help you manage that process. Either option will get you connected with qualified, available experts.
As a CEO As a CXO
You’re too busy running from crisis to crisis, making you unable to find time to think, keep up with email, or tackle important tasks like hiring executives. You’re no longer seeing success with the tactics or approaches you’ve tried in the past.
Your board is getting frustrated with you, your team, or the lack of progress in the business. You find yourself doing all the heavy lifting of day-to-day tasks and unable to delegate to other members of your team.
The company isn’t scaling as fast as it should. You’re struggling to effectively manage up to your CEO and/or the board of directors.
Your leadership team is not a cohesive team, putting you in the middle of all decisions. You have a strained relationship with another member of the senior leadership team that you’re trying to navigate.
The company has high employee turnover and poor reviews on Glassdoor. Your team isn’t hitting the KPIs being set month over month or quarter or quarter.

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