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Bolster your ability to provide career-enhancing opportunities to your community. Let’s work together to change the face of leadership.

Bolster is an innovative marketplace that matches the most experienced professionals with VC-backed startups and scaleups for Board of Director and on-demand executive roles. We are focused on bringing the best, and most diverse, talent to these opportunities en masse. Together with our partners, we have built an inclusive executive talent marketplace from day 1.

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What you can expect as a Bolster membership partner:

  • Commitment to Inclusivity: Together we’ll collaborate to recruit more diverse representation to corporate leadership.
  • Prioritizing Your People: We’re focused on placing your executive members in Boards of Directors and on-demand C-level opportunities.
  • Data Transparency: Access to metrics you can leverage to report and reinforce how your organization is delivering for its members.
  • Brand Awareness and Growth Initiatives: Your brand lives with your members as a badge throughout their life on Bolster, creating enhanced visibility for your organization.
  • Content, Education and Community: We’re excited to partner with you to co-create content that demystifies and trains your members about the world of boards and on-demand roles.

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“Luminary is working hard to advance women in the workforce and one way is to help provide a path to the boardroom. Our partnership with Bolster will explore additional ways to collaborate and provide the best career advancement opportunities for women in the workforce and change the faces, voices and perspectives around the table.”

Cate Luzio

Founder and CEO, Luminary