Current Client Pricing

Self Search

Search the Bolster platform for flexible executive talent on your own

20% markup fee on top of member compensation up to 12 months (nothing up front)
Assisted Search

Engage Bolster to conduct the search and provide a slate of flexible executives

$2,500 one time fee up front + 20% markup fee
Full-Time Sourcing

Engage Bolster to provide a slate of full-time executive candidates

$15,000 ($10,000 up front and $5,000 upon selection)
Board Search

Engage Bolster to fill an independent board director seat

50% up front and 50% on selection:
  • Company <$2mm revenue = $5,000 total
  • Company between $2-10mm in revenue = $10,000 total
  • Company between $10-25mm in revenue = $20,000 total
  • Company >$25mm in revenue = $30,000 total

Discounts available for select VC portfolios and multiple searches.

Please note, as outlined in our Terms of Service, if you source an executive through Bolster, you agree that you will not circumvent the required fees by using Member profiles and information to contract with Members outside the Bolster relationship.