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A world class Board of Directors is a CEO’s secret weapon to scaling and accelerating growth. No matter where your company is in its growth cycle, you deserve a high-impact Board that helps you navigate your toughest challenges and opens doors to success. Let Bolster help you build a diverse, impactful, and independent Board of Directors.

Why work with Bolster to grow and shape your Board?

We have helped dozens of CEOs, ranging from seed-stage pre-revenue companies through to pre-IPO and public companies, build their boards.

We expand your pipeline

  • Our needs assessment guides you through the specific skills and experiences you need from your next independent board member. We don’t just assume that you need a former CEO or experienced director, since we know that people can develop board-ready skills in other ways.
  • We use your criteria to match you with candidates who have the skills and experiences you actually need.
  • The Bolster marketplace is broadly and diversely sourced to bring you talent that isn’t already in your network.

We guide your process

  • From needs assessment to guidance on interview process and questions, we provide the guidance that is right for you in a lightweight way.
  • We give you data on board compensation to help you make competitive offers to new board members.
  • We offer a Bolster-Up DEI package for CEOs who are diversifying their board for the first time which includes assessment and consultation on ensuring your board is inclusive and your new board member is set up for success.
  • We provide resources for our members who are first time directors to help them be successful on your board.

We are better, faster and cheaper!

  • Better: We have thousands of board-ready members with deep profiles and matching technology to ensure the right fit with your needs. Our reach will expand your existing network. Our lightweight coaching model helps guide you through the process.
  • Faster: As an online marketplace, we can provide you with a slate of candidates nearly instantly, or with a slight delay of a few days if we need to augment the slate with outside candidates.
  • Cheaper: Our model lets us provide you with this service for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

How our Board search process works

Hiring a board member takes time. We make the candidate process simple for you so you can focus on the selection process. Here’s our 3-step process:

  • Kickoff meeting, including needs assessment and interview process definition
  • Review slate, select candidate pool, receive warm introductions
  • Connect with Bolster regularly for coaching and feedback including compensation and onboarding support

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